Wednesday, September 28, 2011

SMART Board and Interactive links galore!

Each of us commit to our own professional growth every school year, and below, you will find many SMART Board Lesson links, web sites, tricks and tips below. Copy and Paste the urls into your browser and explore. Remember to bookmark your favorites!

FREE TECH TOOLS for teachers:

Greenwich schools SMART Board lessons portal:

Cool things to use on the SMART Board - collection of links:

Waukesha Schools SMART Board lessons by course focus portal:

Long Beach Schools: Scroll down to find the multiple links for SMART Board lessons and files, listed by discipline:

University of Sioux Falls mega portal for all things SMART! all links are live:

9-12 SMART Notebook Lessons:

SMART Lesson Exchange:

Albany Schools SMART Board links portal:

MATH SMART Board links - pages and pages of live links to lessons and web sites keyed to standards!:

SMART Board tips, links, and portal to related web sites:

Teacher links:

Scholastic SMART Board activities and lessons:

Eduscapes SMART Board tips, ideas, links: scroll down to access the many links!

Discovery Education 9-12:

SMART Board "Hotlist" all disciplines:

MATH Manipulatives:

MORE Math Manipulatives:
SCIENCE resources:
Math and Science SMART lessons:
fun powerpoints:

Even more:
Scroll Down For SmartBoard Lessons
"Interactive Activity Search" will search and return relevant interactive and SMART resources specific to teaching and learning. Many (if not all) of the sites listed below get searched with this one tool.
A blog for this site is located at


Notebook Software Lessons and Templates

Smart Education site - Thousands of Notebook lessons
Smartboard lessons - Lexington, KY - 6-12
Smartboard activities and lessons - Wichita School District
Interactive whiteboard resources - Think Bank - United Kingdom
Scholastic Smartboard lessons


Miscellaneous school district and university sites, links, interactive activities, Notebook lessons

Ginny Washburne's educational resources
Khoi Trinh's educational resources
K-3 Smartboard sites
Smartboard activity list - CREATE for Mississippi
Smartboard in the classroom - Eduscapes
Interactive whiteboard resources - United Kingdom - k-6
Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching - Secondary


Interactive whiteboard resources

Amphitheater Public Schools
Smartboard activities - Bristol Valley Schools
Classroom resources for Smartboard technology - Lakeland Schools
Smartboard resources - Lee's Summit School District
Smartboard resources - Longneck Elementary School
Smartboard resources - Columbia School District
Smartboard resources - Maine
Smartboard resources - Plymouth WI School District
Smartboard resources - Internet 4 Classrooms - Memphis
Smartboard resources - East Carter Schools
Smartboard resources - Kentucky School for the Deaf
Smartboard resource page - Albany Public Schools
Syracuse University Center for Digital Literacy - Smartboard resources
Interactive Smartboard sites - University of Sioux Falls
Technology Tools - Jefferson County Tennessee
Ideas, lesson plans, and websites by content area - Waukesha, WI school district


Interactive Activities General Resources

k-8 math and reading games
Quia - interactive games - share activities for free
Smartboard ideas - Rockingham Public Schools
Make your own jigsaw puzzles
Interactive Whiteboard Resources - United Kingdom


Interactive Resources

United Kingdom
Whiteboard Resources - United Kingdom
K-6 Teaching Resources - United Kingdom
High School WWW resources
PBS - resources for all subject areas
BBC schools - English, Math, and Science resources and games
Interactives - math, science, language, history, arts
Oswego City School District - Instructional tools



Smartboard elementary literacy activities
Elementary Language Arts - Interactive Online Stories



Purdue University Online Writing Lab
Applied English Grammar on the Web
The Language Project - Advanced English practice exercises
Grammar Bytes exercises


Social Studies

Social Studies Online - k-8 interactive activities
Jamestown Adventure
A Colonial Family and Community
A Day in the Life - Colonial Williamsburg
History Matters - 9-12 U.S. survey course
The Library of Congress learning page
Gapminder global data
Integrated globe
Geohive global statistics



Windows to the Universe - Science
Shodor - A national resource for computational science education
Jefferson County Schools - many 9-12 links
Interactive Whiteboard Resources - United Kingdom - flash files
Scinet - secondary science interactive tutorials
Tech Topics - science tutorials
Science Pages - interactive secondary resources - United Kingdom
Interactive science exercises - United Kingdom
Internet4Classrooms - biology
DNA from the beginning
Interactive genetics quiz
DNA workshop
Virtual fruit fly lab
Human Anatomy Online
Electric Heart - NOVA online
3D Brain Anatomy
Life's building blocks - interactive cells
Resources for schools - interactive content
Animal Diversity Web
Virtual Courseware - life science, Earth science, environmental science
Amusement Park Physics - roller coaster
Activities in optics - online activities for students



Math games - Cool Math 4 Kids
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives - k-12 math manipulatives
Shodor -
A national resource for computational science education
NCTM Illuminations
eMINTS virtual manipulatives
Educational Java programs
Elementary interactive math dictionary
Rainforest Math - k-6
Algebra - Calculus applets
Math calculators - 9-12
Calculus applets
Gapminder global data - Statistics
Geohive global statistics
Interactive arithmetic lessons - k-8
Interactive games, flashcards, and more

Pathways to School Improvement is an online library of reports and educational research intended to put schools on the path to meeting their educational and improvement goals.

Thirteen new resources have been added to the website that makes finding teaching resources from the federal government easier:

Google Scholar enables you to search specifically for scholarly literature, including peer-reviewed papers, theses, books, preprints, abstracts and technical reports from all broad areas of research. Use Google Scholar to find articles from a wide variety of academic publishers, professional societies, preprint repositories and universities, as well as scholarly articles available across the web.

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