Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Did you have "trouble" with grammar in school? All the rules and details that one had to remember and relearn each year? Check out GRAMMAR RULZ at and share with colleagues who are seeking lively activities for their grammar lessons! Maupin House is an independent and family owned publisher whose resources are research based and classroom tested. Check out their other offereings!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

National Bullying Prevention Month - what are you doing to speak up?

Well into the school year we enter October, a month filled with educational and cultural programs, Breast Cancer Awareness, Hispanic Heritage, and many more and celebrations. As educators, we also need to involve our school communities in National Bullying Prevention Month. There are many resources available to support your efforts in leading students and colleagues in discussions of how to identify and address bullying, and take steps to create positive changes in the school environment that will support all students in safety and dignity. Please find several resources below - copy and paste each url to explore and learn. Unity Day = 10 October - wear orange! Best wishes on a successful school year and in helping students recognize and support integrity and dignity!