Thursday, February 3, 2011

FETC 2011 Day Two

Here's to another successful day at FETC 2001. I shared SMART joy with so many teachers all day long. I look forward to hearing from those educators as they explore their use of SMART board in their classes.

Projects that expand students knowledge and horizons: The Digital Hero Book project is an inter-classroom exchange of personal and positive stories by youth from around the world, which focus on their strengths and “hero” qualities. By combining digital storytelling with online group collaboration, the project develops literacy, digital media skills and cross-cultural awareness.

Howie DiBlasi Web 2.0 and education:
21st Century Skills and project ideas:
21st CEntury in Plain English by Dr. DiBlasi: 21st Century Skills-Plain English

Great ideas to share with my students and other educators!

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